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Strategic and Business Planning

Have you thought about where you are going on holiday next year?  Or about buying that new car or boat?

Have you then done the research about where to go or which model to buy?  How you are going to finance it?  What you will do on holiday or how you are going to use the car or boat?

That's strategic planning!

Owners, managers and directors do this for themselves, but many companies have not thought through their strategy (what are we going to do?), the implementation (how are we going to do it?) and the timescale (when are we going to do it?).

Strategic business planning will help you to improve your business and time management - so you spend time on what's important to grow the business.  Do it with an experienced mentor and consultant like Michael and the experience becomes even more valuable.

Birdwing Business Solutions works with you to understand why you are in business, what you want from the business, where you want to take the business and what will need to happen to reach there.

It doesn't need to be complex, you just need to start somewhere - small businesses click here

We use questionnaires, workshops and mentoring skills to work with the management and staff; we help you produce a workable business strategic plan; then we work with you to implement it.

Then, because things change or do not always happen as forecast, we can work with you to review the plan to ensure it is up to date, relevant and reflects what is actually happening so that it stays a living, working document for the business.

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