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The Low Cost Business Plan

As business consultants, this is becoming one of our most popular services for small and micro businesses in Australia.

Most small business owners spend more time thinking (dreaming?) about their next holiday than they do on business planning.

Whether you are a new business, an existing business or even if its just a dream, you need a working business plan.

A New Business?

You may be convinced about your idea but a plan will clarify those ideas, address the obstacles and show ways to work around them.  It will help you convince others and maybe even help you get that bank loan.

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An Existing Business?

You always meant to write that plan - its in your head but not on paper?
You're worried that writing it down will stifle creativity or be too rigid?

Having a business plan helps you clear your head of some of that clutter and work smarter and more efficiently on your business.

The plan helps you to think about where you are now and where you want to go - mapping out how you think you are going to get there.

The plan also lives and breathes - just like your business!  Life happens, so you will need to revisit your plan every three months and check you are still on track, allowing the plan to develop as your business does.

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